Water reuse by membrane filtration techniques

Process waters and pretreated wastewaters can be reused in the production process. By means of membrane filtration techniques, these waters can be upgraded for further reuse. Consult us to discuss about the possibilities.

Water reuse – water recycling with membrane techniques

It is clear that the cost of water will continue to increase in the future. All manufacturing companies have interest in reusing or recycling the companies’ wastewaters. It goes without saying that substantial savings can be realized this way: savings in the area of drinking or tab water charges and savings in the area of water discharge costs. Wastewater effluent can be recycled into several process water qualities, from drinking water to ultrapure water.

Circular water gestion

It’s possible:

– Partly : process waters or grey waters can be reused, after purification, as process water or flushing water for the toilets.

– Or all the way: these process waters can be recycled as drinking water within the companies’ facilities, the use of this way is entirely the same as the water supplied by your usual drinking water company.

Water saving pushed to the max

So the loop is closed!

Recycling water with membrane technology: efficient, maintenance friendly and with quick return on investment.

Reuse of heat – energy recovery from liquids with Läckeby heat exchangers

Too much heat in all kinds of liquids is wasted in manufacturing facilities. With the Läckeby heat exchangers the energy can be recovered, also out of highly viscous liquids. These patented heat exchangers are very maintenance friendly, as good as insensitive to clogging and with a minimal footprint (modular and stackable system).

Have you already calculated your profit?

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