Test installation water treatment

Test installations for water treatment and water reuse

For complex wastewaters, a test installation allows to check whether the theory still stands in a real life production environment. All paramaters and all details need to be 100 % ok to get an optimal water treatment installation. Often, lab scale testing will do, to put forward a rather precise prognosis with regards to feasibility, chemical and energy consumption, etc.

Many questions will be answered, the tests are providing the customer and ourselves a guarantee regarding the feasibility of the desired results.

Ample test possiblilities – lab scale tests for industrial wastewater treatment applications and set up of pilot plants – are negotiable (UF/ultrafiltration, NF/nanofiltration, RO/reverse osmosis test units, etc.). Also for water reuse, a test unit can be most useful. Analysis are done in our own lab, immediate availability of results.

Working method

This kind of test units is certainly not used for all installations. In a few cases, a test unit is the final stage before a full scale installation. Most often our experience in the field of water treatment is the best guidance to get us quickly on our way to the best treatment method. But sometimes, the combined action of components present, production circumstances, chemicals used, etc. can unsettle a theory. When, in a next step, lab tests and analyses still leave room for doubt, then a test unit on site is to be considered. This is the only way to thoroughly check with real life conditions, for 100 % certainty.

Test installation industrial water treatment – pilot plant

When initial research shows out that some thorough testing will be necessary, our pilot or testing unit will be installed to generate the necessary output for final conclusions.

As a general rule, such a pilot unit is put at disposal of the customer on a rental base for a period of 4 weeks.

It goes without saying that, during this test period, Task is following up the installation closely.

After completion of the tests, an evaluation will follow. The assessment of the results will lead, if relevant, to a full scale project proposal. The pilot testing stage has several important advantages, for the customer as well as for ourselves.

Water treatment test installation: guarantees regarding the feasability of the targeted results for the customer as well as for us

To measure is to know: thorough analysis and on site testing on complex water flows is the best way to an optimal result.

Analysis of measurements and testing is most of the time done in our own lab, results are immediately available.