Reuse of wastewater and water recycling

The price of water will only increase in the future. Reusing company wastewater becomes a necessity. Substantial cost savings are involved : the invoice for fresh city water, as well as the cost for wastewater discharge will be considerably reduced. The wastewater treatment effluent can be upgraded to several kinds of process water (according to your needs), even up to drinking water and ultrapure water.

Circular water – closed loop system

It is possible to close the loop: 

– Partially : for example grey water or process water is, after treatment, reused as process water in the production facilities or can be recycled to flush the toilets.

– Fully circular water: the water can be reused within the company as drinking water. It can be used exactly the same way as regular city water, so the loop is closed.

Attention : substantial savings to be made!

Water recycling by means of membrane technology: efficient system, maintenance friendly and with a quick recovery of your investment.

Reuse generated heat – energy recovery out of liquids by means of the Läckeby heat exchangers

In all too many production facilities, generated heat from all kinds of liquids is lost. Läckeby heat exchangers allow to recover this waste heat from, also from highly viscous substances and liquids. The patented heat exchangers are easy to maintain, as good as unsensitive to clogging and are only requiring a minimal footprint (modular and stackable system).

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Wastewater reuse – water recycling – cost-saving measures

Maximal water recovery out of industrial effluents?

Water is getting more and more expensive anywhere in the world. Companies are paying more and more for waste water disposal. This is leading to an increasing demand for reuse of waste water, certainly for the big water consumers, such as slaughter houses, laundries, food and beverage industry, cosmetic industry, textile industry, etc.

The newest membrane filtration techniques allow to recycle a substantiel part of the present effluent (about 60 tot 80 %) and reuse it in the production processs. For the companies concerned, the savings on water supply and wastewater disposal are considerable, allowing to recover the investment relatively soon. Knowing that water cost will continue to increase for companies all over the world, measures taken to reduce this water cost to the maximum are absolutely crucial. The exploitation cost for such an installation, according to the customer’s specific needs, can e.g. only represent a third of the cost of city water.

For each specific project, there is a previous feasibility check based on a recent water analysis. Whenever appropriate a test installation is installed for a last check-up. The final full scale installation is entirely custom-made, in function of the wastewater type, the aimed quality for reuse and taking into account the economic aspects of the project. These compact installations (also available in container) are fully automated, equipped with a fully automatic CIP and remote control.

Together with our partner, we can offer more than 50 years of expertise in membrane technology, with dozens of industrial references in laundries, cosmetic industry, slaughter houses, etc.

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