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Pilot gas scrubber odor control and air pollution control

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Task Environmental Engineering is using a test scrubber or pilot gas scrubber for the treatment of more complex industrial emissions.

The pilot gas scrubber consists of a twostage stacked column in polypropylene, provided with the necessary dosing pumps, pH and redox measurement and control circuits. The installation can be operated as a one or two stage gas scrubbing unit, with several possible combinations of acid, alkaline or oxidative stages.

The gas scrubbing installation is also provided with an emission ventilator placed downstream, after the column, allowing a simple and easy evaluation of the treated gas emission. The most important operating parameters, such as pH are constantly registered, for wireless transfer by datalogger to be consulted anywhere in the world.

As a general rule, the pilot gas scrubbing installation is put at disposal of the customer on a rental base for a period of 4 weeks.

During this test period Task is of course following up the installation, at site and at a distance through wireless communication by datalogger. Task can also put basic measurement equipment at disposal of the customer, for basic gas emission sampling. For very specific sampling and analysis Task is calling in the assistance of specialized companies in this area.

After completion of the tests an evaluation will follow ; the discussion of the results with the customer will lead, if relevant, to a full scale project proposal. The pilot testing stage has several important advantages, for the customer as well as for ourselves, as well as for a potential contractor. Many preliminary questions will be answered, the tests are providing the customer and ourselves a guarantee regarding the feasability of the desired results. For more info call +32 (15) 24 21 15 or find out more on the pilot scrubber page.