Emission treatment plants in industrial environment: periodic control, follow-up and measurement

Industrial emissions treatment installations, such as gas scrubbers, bioscrubbers, biofilters, adsorption filters, air scrubbers, usually require a specific follow-up and maintenance.

We put our 30 years of knowledge and expertise in this area at your service.

Please read on for an overview of the possibilities:

Emission treatment plants: inspection, process control evaluation and follow-up

Industrial emission treatment plants such as chemical gas scrubbers, bioscrubbers, biofilters , adsorption filters and air scrubbers usually require a specific follow-up and maintenance.

Our vast expertise in this area, allows us to offer following services:

  • periodic control of the functioning of your emission treatment installation, checkup of the process parameters such as pH , conductivity , redox potential, temperature, humidity ,…)
  • execution of a range of measurements, such as physical and chemical parameters
  • expert process technical consultancy
  • simple lab analysis can be made in our own laboratory, so the results can quickly be available. For very specific sampling and corresponding analysis (see also odor control), Task is consulting specialized companies and laboratories, if required.

Based on the results of our evaluation, an action plan can be created whenever relevant.

We can always make you an appropriate proposal for any adjustment improving the functioning of the installation.