Exhaust air purification

Waste gases from industrial production processes often contain a large amount of smoke, dust, fine mist and aerosols. Emissions of these are highly regulated by emission limits imposed by the government. 

An electrostatic filter removes smoke, dust, fine mist and greasy aerosols from the waste gas air using electricity. Inside the filter, the particles become electrically charged and then settle on the filter cells. 

The electrostatic filter features automatic cleaning (CIP), making this installation very maintenance-friendly. It is also possible to expand the installation with a heat exchanger to recover heat from your exhaust air. 

Elektrostatisch filter

Various industries can use an electrostatic filter. Just think of the purification of off-gases coming from baking lines in the food industry, off-gases from injection moulding processes in the metal industry, etc. 

Together with you, Task will find the right solution for the purification of your exhaust gases. Besides electrostatic filters, there are also possibilities with gas scrubbers, biofilters, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can analyse your situation thoroughly and offer the right solution.